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Flying a New Drone Within Safety Guidelines

Posted: Fri Jan 03, 2020 10:35 pm
by admin
I received a nice letter from a parent of a new upcoming flyer named Conner. I have met him at our past indoor flying sessions in a local school. Conner and his parent Corrine have visited our flying field at times and Conner has flown very impressive flights as a new novice flier. He is a very attentive and intelligent young man mastering the world of flight. Conner has acquired his first Quad from Santa and has spent many hours I am sure researching the pages in this BCRCC forum.

He has spent much time following links and articles to make a new entry into the Drone flying field of his new adventures in programmed flight. Conner would like all our visitors here to take a few moments to visit the link he found regarding flying your new drone safely without unknowingly flying in restricted areas and airspace. He would also like you to know where not to fly and to be safe where there are people on the ground in the area. No one wants to see an accident that would hurt a citizen with a drone and worse causing a hospital visit. If reading the website prevents one accident or reprimand he will be very happy in the short education someone has learned in the visit.
Thank You All, and Thank You Conner,
Happy New Year

Please Visit Here: ... n-be-safe/