FPVing my R/C truck in my neighborhood...

FPV (First Person View) Projects
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FPVing my R/C truck in my neighborhood...

Postby tomapowa » Wed Sep 03, 2014 5:38 pm

Been messing around with my FPV gear... testing out transmitters, antennas, goggles, etc... Cool stuff.
Figured I'd install & test it all on a much safer vehicle allowing me some play time (mostly accident free)... Hahahaha

Below is a cool Youtube vid of me FPVing my R/C truck in my backyard, roaming around my neighbors yard, etc... Very bouncy video obviously but gets the point across. During the entire video, I had my FatShark Attitude SD goggles on while sitting in a chair on my deck with transmitter in hand... Cool shit! :)

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