New FPV plane

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New FPV plane

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Hi Guys. Sorry I haven't been to club meetings lately. We have had some family issues that have keep me hopping for the past month or so.

I am really going to fly FPV this year. Lee Woodworth got me really jazzed up with a flight I took on his DJI flight cam/goggles at the BogHogs swap meet. So I am working up a really cool OV-10 platform for the camera set up. The ov-10 Bronco is the perfect Observation plane with the cockpit way out front. I have fitted in retracts and am working hard to reduce weight elsewhere to macke up for the added weight of wheels and cameras.

I have an Eflight F4 Wildcat like Lee's setup had to work out the FPV kinks before I commit to landing a balsa plane "under the hood".

I have also committed to building up some "no drift" head trackers from Arduino part which will wirelessly link into the trainer on my DX9 to be able to use a pan tilt mechanism for the DJI FPV cams. I have all the parts "working" but need to tidy up my 3D prints for the case and camera mounts. I hope to have everything in operational form this spring. I have a long way to go although I am just about ready to cover some wood.
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