Building Big Foam planes Russian Style.

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Building Big Foam planes Russian Style.

Postby Neons » Sat Oct 01, 2016 3:08 pm

I found these guys in the RC Groups - Gallery Show your electric warbirds..... - in the Electric Warbirds forum. They build real scratch Built Warbird foamies and others.They build very light weight. It looks like they fly with inner helium balloons. Very slow and maneuverable. Something to see in the videos.

You can click the Russian flyer "Aleze" website and look at the pictures but it is in Russian language. So this is a problem if you want to know what he is doing. They do not get supplies like we do in the States with easy access and shipping. These guys use ingenuity to make things fit and work.
Now the first thing to do if you want to read the Rus. Forum is to use a translator.I use Promt translator.

Open the Promt Translator link in another tab.

Comeback and swipe a link below to high lite it and right click - COPY

Go to Prompt and in the left box, Right Click PASTE. You should see the Url there that was copied. Click TRANSLATE tab and the website will open in English. Now you read it all. Easy

Sample try this with Copy/Paste if you want to to be aware of Promt and it's usage. I did those below. They speak broken English with the translator.

Big Model Planes ... ost6358245

AH-14 Bee ... ost5979550

Yak3 ... ost6229432

This plane weighs 1.25Kg or 2.75lbs. Amazing flights. ... ostcount=1

Youtube video of Il-16 flight
Russian Il-16.jpg
Bob Pacheco

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