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3D Printed r/c aircraft plans!

Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 2:51 pm
by admin

I figured I'd share what I am up to during this frigid winter. I saw a FlightTest video posted on Youtube that featured 3D Printed airplanes from They look and fly great!

I upgraded my 3D printer:

For a test model I printed spinning top. It was a good test because my older 3D printer could not print the model, no matter how I tuned it.

I am currently testing the entire z axis print volume by printing the top plate of a robot chassis.

As you can see I can build around 5 larger panels and quite a few ribs for the r/c airplane.
Also some of the 3dprintlab planes have the ribs as part of the panel print. Basically you are assembling panels.

I figured if I can print out the panels for the Rosbot chassis without warping or curling, I will be ready to print a 3dlabprint airplane.
I should know if I need to adjust my printer soon.