GWS Me-262 - Worlds First Deployed Fighter Jet WWII

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GWS Me-262 - Worlds First Deployed Fighter Jet WWII

Post by Neons » Sat Feb 28, 2015 1:16 pm

I have had this jet hanging around for some years now. GWS may have them still on hand. I saw them at Tower Hobbies in Jan 2015 for $48. After hanging around a few years I decided it had to be flown. After a couple tries and crashes related to CG setups I made repairs and replaced a ducted fan motor. These were hand launched. The next try was from my bungee launcher. It went straight about 25 feet and torqued right when I hit the throttle and in the ground. Another couple cracks and another fan motor replaced. Hot glue, sanded and Spackle Lite filler took care of it.

The next Bungee flight flew beautiful for about 3 minutes. Then one motor made a strange buzz sound. I killed the throttle and restarted it again and it instantly lost one motor and spun in hard in the marsh grass. Too bad. Was flying nice too. So I recovered all the parts less the fiber glass nose I made for it. I had 3 breaks in the wing and 2 breaks in the fuselage. Another motor fan was broken. I gave up on the motors and fans. After a total restructured rebuild and all new Turnigy 3750Kv motors installed. ... duct=51835

I setup up the plane with 2 new Dr Mad 40 amp DF Esc's. ... duct=53731

The motors were tested on a thrust stand with a Whatt meter. Each motor put out over 400 plus watts of power on a 4.1 X4.1 TGR prop. These motors are rated for 11.1volts. They have been proven on 14.8 volts also. I tested the installation and ran the batteries down. No motor quits at all now. Lots of thrust at about 50 plus amps shred with 2 ESC's. Gobs of thrust using a 14.8v lipo. ... oduct=7931

The paint is airbrushed Walmart craft paint mixed up to close shades as were on the German planes. I use Spackle Lite for smoothing preps.
Me-262 Repaint.jpg
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