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5-21-2016 - German WWII Fieseler Storch

Posted: Sun May 22, 2016 7:33 pm
by Neons
In this first post we see the real Fi156 Fieseler Storch in action along with all the workings. A little history of a well made and thought out WWII German engineered aircraft.
Skeleton View Fieselor Storch.jpg
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Check out these extraordinary specifications.
This Fi.156 Storch is a high-wing braced 3-seater monoplane of mixed construction. It is powered with a 240 h.p. Argus eight-cylinder engine or any - other up to 300 h.p. Sides and roof of the cabin are glazed.
Max. speed, 109 m.p.h. ; minimum speed in level flight 31 m.p.h. ; landing speed, 24.8 m.p.h. ; take-off run
(no wind), 71 yds. ; landing run (7.8 m.p.h. wind) with brakes, 18.4 yds.
Further down the post you will see BCRCC President Gary Carriero's purchase of this foreign made quality kit in pictures and in its short maiden trial flight video. All has gone very well up though May 21,2016.

Collings Foundation
- Fieseler Storch Motor run and Take off 2009. Please visit Collins Foundation Stow, MA in October for the "Battle of the Airstrip", and see the real deal on this airplane and flight in the battle reenactments.
Full Review with Kermit Weeks Cam April 2016
Part #1
Kermit Weeks gives the full "Kermie Cam" treatment to the Fieseler Storch. From pre-pre-flight, pre-flight, flight and post wind up, in three wonderful segments, see the Fieseler Storch as only "Kermie" can provide.

Part #2 - In part two of the three part Kermie Cam series on the Fieseler Storch, Kermit Weeks continues his pre-flight prep, and explains how the construction of the plane and the laws of physics work together to make the Storch such a distinctive flying machine! ...

Part #3- In part three of the Fieseler Storch Kermie Cam, Kermit finally takes to the sky. Go up for a hands on flight. See the full flight over and around Fantasy of Flight, with a couple of surprises along the way. Fun stuff. Enjoy.
A real nice Hasegawa plastic model of this plane by Patrick Chung

5-21-2016 - German WWII Fieseler Storch- Gary's Plane Pics

Posted: Sun May 22, 2016 9:38 pm
by Neons
In this set Gary made many upgrades to the Fieseler Storch after its purchase. A scale pilot was purchased and seating was configured to get him in the cockpit. The instruments were made for the dummy control panel. Many of the struts and landing gear were bright bare metal. Time was spent well in painting the with the blue and camo colors. The rudder decal was not on the plane and that was ordered and mounted. The biggest find was to get a 30cc Saito 4 stroke 150 to fit in place of the removed original Saito 120. That was a a bolt in. I am sure Gary had to do many more setups with getting all the transmitter controls also in tune for the maiden flight too.

5-21-2016 - German WWII Fieseler Storch- Maiden Time

Posted: Sun May 22, 2016 9:45 pm
by Neons
Finally all the work and testing was done and at the field this date. Motor testing was flawless and sounds great. Just enough time to get the plane up to make a few laps to see what or if any problems need further refinement. A familiarity flight.

May 21, 2016 Maiden Video Here: