Testing Fabrics for RC Aircraft Covering YouTube Linked

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Testing Fabrics for RC Aircraft Covering YouTube Linked

Post by Neons » Fri Aug 09, 2019 11:48 am

I was interested in finding some ways to attach fabrics to balsa. I did some research and found a very interesting testing of different applications to test balsa frames in the Part 02 video. I like the polycrylic paint despite that I read in the comments it is not nitro fuel resilient. Gas may be okay but I have not seen reports on that. I did use it on my Neuiport 28 with good results also.

The first video is Part 01 covering an aileron normally with fabric.

The Part 02 video is the actual testing of different applications and good description on how the author found his experiences with the
fabrics and use of different bonding systems.

Hope this was informative for some builders.
Bob Pacheco

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