1/2020 -Flying Styro Spitfire MK IXc- Bucket Project Put Together

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Re: 1/2020 -Flying Styro Spitfire MK IXc-Paint Bottom & Full Satin Clearcoat

Post by Neons » Fri Mar 06, 2020 6:54 pm

This has been an extraordinary build with some normally not seen construction techniques included. I got a chance to get a full afternoon to finish the finals up to par. The whole aircraft was painted with a Paasche airbrush. I love airbrushing better than paint brushing. Today I ran the motor and it is a sweet sound and pull on the Cobra motor on a 4S lipo and 8x6- 3 blade Graupner prop. There are no landing gear on the plane. Should perform better without them. Here are 2 more photos. Maybe the last on this build. I will start my next project soon. Plenty more to come at least until flying season.
3-5-2020 Bottom Done & Clear Coat (4).jpg
3-5-2020 Bottom Done & Clear Coat (2).jpg
Bob Pacheco

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