Welcome BCRCC Members!...Please REGISTER & have some fun...

Welcome to the New Bristol County Radio Control Club Forums!
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Welcome BCRCC Members!...Please REGISTER & have some fun...

Post by admin » Sun Nov 06, 2011 1:49 am

Hey BCRCC Members!,
I finally got some cool forum software up and running for Bristol County Radio Control Club members...
(Yes, certain forum topics are viewable by members only, but pics/videos, events and club info is viewable by all guests!)

First thing BCRCC members will have to do is register,... I'll get an email and I'll approve your membership once I verify your email on the roster (if you changed your email, please email the club secretary).


It's pretty cool, like RCUniverse and RCGroups... somewhat functionally similar I think! I have almost everything enabled, and you should be able to post pictures and videos...

Let me know how you make out, and please feel free to provide feedback on the "COMMENTS & SUGGESTIONS" forum area.

If you also have any questions using this forum software, you can find many questions/answers here in the FAQ section:

Thanks... and enjoy!

Tom Laureanno
Bob Pacheco

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