An Easy Way to Build a Fuselage or Model Boat Hull

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An Easy Way to Build a Fuselage or Model Boat Hull

Post by Neons » Fri Feb 07, 2020 11:44 am

I think if I build a larger aircraft or model ship I would consider making a foam fuselage or hull that would be smoothed after framing and skinning. You could use Model Plane Foam (MPF)
which is available for the outer skin. You could use cheaper Z-Fold from Loews or Home Depot Loews blue foam which is smoother. They all sand easily as a prep for epoxy glassing.

After fairing the hull I would epoxy and fiberglass cloth buildup the foam skin on the fuselage or hull and sand a very smooth finish for primer and painting. The interior of a boat hull would get float tested and ballasted with lead sheet almost to the waterline specs. The interior would be partially removed for the gear and electronics on a sub deck. Then on with the structure building.

Here is how my friend Chris in New Jersey builds fuselages for his jet liners. Apply this for vessel hulls also. For a stiffener you could use aluminum tube or rod instead of carbon fiber. or a cut a hardwood spine before the framing. ... m-comments
Bob Pacheco

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