I created several airfields for Realflight 9.

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I created several airfields for Realflight 9.

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16 Years ago, way before I joined BCRCC, I used to take my sons to Colt State Park in Bristol, RI to fly there park flyers and model rockets.
Flying in State and Federal parks has been banned for at least 3 years now... so that's why I joined the AMA and BCRCC. Once in a while my sons fly with me at the field in South Darmouth. Hopefully we will have the field for many more years to come. I'm aware that Solar Farm companies are leasing all the free open space around, it's disgusting. Hopefully we won't loose our field Solar Farm creep. The thought we could loose it has got me motivated to buy a VR360 camera. I plan on creating a VR Airfield for Realflight of our airfields in South Dartmouth and Rochester. Maybe it will be
useful to attract new members to the club. I created my first two Realflight Airport Sites. The two sites are fields where my sons and I used to fly Park Flyers and Rockets. The field near the estuary and the Colt State Park Pier where we used to fly the small Hubson Quad copters.

Here's Site #1:

Here's site #2:

Today I shot another VR360 video at Colt State Park. This video was the large field at the rotary.
Next on the list is the Swansea High Baseball field. I used to fly there with my sons too. Once I get the process down I'm going to
create VR airfields for the South Dartmouth and N. Rochester sites.

I'll post a link here to the airfields so you can try them in Realflight or import them into whatever flight simulator you use.
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