Member's names on posts/profiles

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Member's names on posts/profiles

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Hello Everyone,
During last meeting it was discussed about each member using their real name some where on their profile. The reason for this is it will help other members know who is posting especially when it's on the one of the "check in " threads. Some members have used their full names for their profile user name and others, like me, have used a moniker user name but then put their full name in the signature area of their profile. I was asked by some how they could go about adding their name to the "signature" area of their profile. Here is the instructions to do it:

1. Just below "Board Index" in the upper left hand corner is "user control panel", click on it.
2. This will bring up your panel and you will need to click on "profile".
3. When you click on profile it will list edit profile, edit signature, etc.
4. Click on "edit signature" and a box will come up that will allow you to type in your name.
5. Save this and your name will be at the bottom of your profile every time you post.
6. Now everyone will know who is posting.

Or: you can do it the easy way as Tom has set up a direct link! Man, he makes things easy with this computer stuff! :D See his post below.
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Ted Brito

Re: Member's names on posts/profiles

Post by tomapowa »

Excellent Ted!,
If members are signed in, this link should take them right to that signature option... simply type your name in the box and then hit the "Submit" button...

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