Model Boat Thread. Or Miscellaneous.

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Model Boat Thread. Or Miscellaneous.

Post by Neons »

Is there any interest here in model boats , or other RC projects that are personal diversions. Should there be a Subject link? Miiscelaneous or What have you? What other interests do we have in RC or static?
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Re: Model Boat Thread. Or Miscellaneous.

Post by tomapowa »

My dad and I had a few boats years back... in between the two stints of R/C flying I've done. My Dad had quite a few Saito models (fiberglass hull tugs, etc...) and sold them all 20 years ago except for the Japanese Destroyer which I bought. I havn't run it up in a while but plan to do so this coming spring. It includes a real operating twin cylinder steam engine for propulsion, propane burner, steam tank, two geared props/screws, and even a steam whistle. If you think there's interests I can easily make a new Boat Forum... let me know. I was actually thinking of getting a medium scale electric racer... ton's of ponds near me...
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