2022 Fall Hunters schedule Announcement.

Please post here if you plan to fly at the main flying field in Dartmouth...
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2022 Fall Hunters schedule Announcement.

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John Sawyer has offered us the latest information on this new season of hunting. Thanks to John.
Just FYI the hunting season started Oct 3rd.
Please be observant of any parked trucks and field activity before flying. As long as there are hunters there usually weekends you cannot fly models. Usually they are in before sunrise and out by mid morning before our 10AM flying time. But be on the lookout. They have precedence over flying. There are 3 deer blinds in the nearby woods. Facing the field there is one to your right at the end of the road. The next one is on the right part ways in the tree line in the swamp. (Airplane Graveyard)
The last deer blind is on your back or facing where we park cars in those woods.
The Goose blind is a dugout in the middle of the cornfield.

Not sure of all the dates, but deer (archery) is 11/3 through 11/26.

Shotgun and then primitive gun follow, then end on 12/31.

Turkey also started Oct 3rd.

Hunter Lou has been around so goose hunt must be soon.
Bob Pacheco
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