Recomend all MultiCopter Enthusiasts and UAV RC Aircraft Flyers have a Look Here

Multi-Copter Projects - as if one spinning blade wasn't enough fun
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Recomend all MultiCopter Enthusiasts and UAV RC Aircraft Flyers have a Look Here

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Hello Everyone,
I have been in contact with a very Informative website and Team.The Team head is Simon Winstone and he runs where Simon and his active team write guides and articles relating to Drones/UAVs. I hope if anyone of our members whether in RC flight or drone/UAV activities spend some time here at the Comedronewithme website and pick up some useful tips in the operation and collaboration of these craft with our flying members.
Bob Pacheco

All you need to become a competent and confident drone pilot
This guide doesn’t just cover how to fly a drone for beginners. Experienced drone owners, are you honestly really happy with your flying skills? Have you ever forgotten to update firmware, or suffered interference in flight? Follow this guide to learn how to fly a drone to its full potential, and make sure you cover all of your flight prep properly to avoid any mishaps once in the air.

If you are anything like me, or many others, then you would have read the instruction manual of your new drone, taken to the skies as soon as your first battery is charged, and never looked back. Nothing wrong with that. These things are supposed to be flown, right? Once you are up and running with your drone, it’s very difficult to motivate yourself to take time out to practise and master the fundamentals of flying…..especially when there are so many other things you could be doing like capturing better photos, racing on your homemade drone course, or mimicking your favorite movie drone shot. The simple truth is that taking time out to learn the fundamentals and practice a few training drills will better prepare you for any issues that come your way. Even if you are experienced, it really helps to consolidate the fundamentals so you can rely on them when needed.

Thanks Bob, and good choice on the Yuneec Typhoon.

Bob Pacheco
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