Members & Friends - Please take the TRUST Questionnaire

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Members & Friends - Please take the TRUST Questionnaire

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BCRCC Members and friends,
We all have enough things to watch while flying models. We still have to deal with the FAA rulings. By taking this questionnaire we will actually help the AMA show a strong footing in standing off more rulings from the AMA. The AMA is there to represent all of us. Members in BCRCC please let Nancy know you filled it out. The finish questionnaire goes to AMA and they will send you an acknowledgement.

Here’s how to go to the TRUST exam through the AMA website:

Go to

then click on AMA Safety Info

Scroll down a bit and you’ll see “TRUST”

Click on Take the Test

When you’ve completed the test, you’ll have an option to input your name and print your certificate. Please complete this part.. ( see attached )

The AMA will issue an Authentication Token. They will keep track of who has completed the test.

Also, please let Nancy Dupont know when you’ve completed the test.


Bob Pacheco
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