A Beginner Plane HowTo Build Video- With Parts links

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A Beginner Plane HowTo Build Video- With Parts links

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After looking at the beginner airplane video there is an included Parts list to get all the parts involved in the building of this trainer. The plane drawing is there a in centimeter measure also. Most rulers have both inches and centimeters to get the crossover. Ordering from Bangood is not to bad of a problem if you have patience. Otherwise if not do not bother.

I have not had problems with my orders other than they take long to arrive. If he USA store does not have the part they send it along to ship from from China. Foam board can be found in art supply stores locally.. The local board is not as good as the UCreate Amazon board which is waterproof. Both type boards can be sprayed or brushed with non oil base paints. Oil base has acetate and toluene base in them that will melt the foam on contact.

The RC system is fine but if you are a new flyer you should try to find a flight stabilization addon to seek level to help you control the plane. Spectrum has them available in their flight systems.

https://www.rcpano.net/2020/05/19/how-t ... beginners/
Parts Measure 01.jpg
Parts Measure 02.jpg
Trainer Finished 01.jpg
Trainer Finished 02.jpg
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