Updates - Japan Tissue Printing & Covering- Also Setup a RC Rubber Power Plane.

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Updates - Japan Tissue Printing & Covering- Also Setup a RC Rubber Power Plane.

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I like to watch old time rubber power planes for the nostalgia. These planes can also have a RC rudder to keep them in the close area should they want to fly away. Some use a de-thermalizer also. This article is mainly about setup an old time tissue and stick model with the covering process and how to setup a rubber power model elastics and winding process with a winding "Stooge".
Maxfliart is the best known in stick/rubber planes on the internet. He has recently finish 2 instructional on how he does his technics. He recently has posted 2 instructional videos on these subjects. I have been doing the inkjet printing for a few years now.Take a look at the electric Parkzone WWI Albatros in E-planes posting and you will see my German lozenge printing on tissue. I use laser print now. Max has further and easier updates on tissue and setting up the rubber motors in these beauties.
Maxifliart videos link:

These are the best updates I have ever watched at this date 11- 2021. Covering has came a long ways since my Comet kit days. Here are 2 instructions:

Free Flight Basics #1- Braiding Rubber Motors - Series Premier

Free Flight Basics #2 - Covering With Japanese Tissue & Inkjet Printing
Another favorite that I have also watched all his videos on old time rubber is a pro flier at this is on YouTube also. He is evidently a mathematics teacher in New York city, He used a servo controlled rudder to keep the aircraft in the small park he flies in the inner city. His handle name is Domoremath. Here is the link.

Here is a fine example on how he builds and flies a Comet Pepper in a NYC park.
Free plan downloads here:
https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthr ... PLANS-ONLY
Bob Pacheco
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