Airbrushing With Cheap Acrylic Craft Paints..Recommended

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Airbrushing With Cheap Acrylic Craft Paints..Recommended

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I have been painting mostly Foamies model aircraft for over a dozen years now. It is not as mysterious as some think it is. This is a great beginner video that helps in the preparation to do some paintings. You can use a home compressor but it should be done in low pressures under 25lb. to 35lb. or less. Thinning the paint to different thickness viscosity takes different pressures to get it through a gun. For what we do with model aircraft we most likely need an expensive gun either. I use a cheap Badger with the paint bottle for around $10. The badger gives about a 3 inch circle pattern for larger areas like a big wing. You can visit Harbor Freight and get a top feed airbrush around $40.

This video will give so much help in the prep it is recommended by me to watch. I also use a blow dryer or heat gun to speed up drying the paint between coats. This will give you a fast production time much faster than spray bomb enamels. When you are done with all the painting give it a light sealant topcoat of clear waterbase or enamel like Mini-Wax polyurethane satin or gloss to seal it. By the way I use mostly flats or matte for the waterbase paints. When the get clear coated the finish pops right out. I use semi gloss for camo planes. You do not want gloss. No shiny camo on aircraft.
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Re: Airbrushing With Cheap Acrylic Craft Paints..Recommended

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This is great, Bob, thanks!
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