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11 18 2015 Afternoon of flight 11 planes & 2 Multcopter Drones

Posted: Fri Nov 20, 2015 8:30 pm
by Neons
Published on Nov 20, 2015
A days flight with 12 planes and 2 Quad Copters stuffed in my truck.. Don't miss the last video with a Mini Quad. Started flying noon and finished at 4:30PM. The interesting thing is to see the sun creep down as the day went on and I filmed the planes and multicopters. The BCRCC nitro trainer SIG Kadet Senior flew also . My FW-190 was aborted.
1:Small Depron INDEX - one of 2 sizes
2:New Depron 17 inch Nutball Disk - Free RC Groups plan.
3:Depron P47 Thunderbolt - Free RC Groups Plan
4:Flyzone Nieuport 17- Rtf - Bought for $20 at auction
5:Club Trainer -Sig Kadet - Club member - Late Manny Arruda built this.
6: 5mm Pink Foam-Index fullsize- Full size 3-D RC Groups free plan
7:Pink Foam CF Cabin Stick - Homemade design Carbon & 5mm pink foam
8: 5mm Pink Foam-Fokker Triplane - Steve Shumate free plan 5mm pink foam
9: Hayate Ki84 Frank-Arf - Was a Hobby Lobby plane some years ago
10: Kyosho Etude twin - An old twin freebie
11: old TwinStar I Foam Arf - Bought eBay 2006
12: 5mm Pink Foam- P40 Warhawk- 2004 Home built design simulates a control line flyer
13:450 Quad Copter-Sport -Built with internet parts suppliers
14: ZMR 250 Quad Lighted - Sport- This is an eBay kit purchase.
My ZMR 250 Quad last flight was the best of the day. Just Fun!

See my afternoon of flying. 36 minutes of video
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