In House Blues watching Cov19? Build a small Macchi_Castoldi

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In House Blues watching Cov19? Build a small Macchi_Castoldi

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Here is a nice Macchi_Castoldi Schneider Air Race seaplane to build in a small area. It could be built and painted for display. It could be enlarged with a Photo poster enlarge software to double size and electrified. There are a lot of micro receivers and servos on the market. Try Bangood or Hobby King. Got some sheet balsa or strips on hand? You may be lucky and have a balsa stripper available or a steel ruler and yard stick and manually cut some strips too. Do not just sit there and watch the days fly by. Make something to enjoy those flyby days at the pond or field. I have 5k plans available. I can fix you up with a download. Just ask. Otherwise be well and enjoy life .
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