4-13-2019 Woods Hole Biennial Model Boat Show

(They do sell some that actually fly too!)
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4-13-2019 Woods Hole Biennial Model Boat Show

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Just finished producing the videos from the indoor displays and sailboat race demos on the salt pond. Some of us may be interested in viewing these model vessels displays. Some not. This was a 2 day event spread out in about 10 local town buildings. I hope some of you enjoy the trip views. There was light rain that eased off later in the day that allowed some sail racing with the hardy boat lovers..Although it was not a perfect day it was represented well. The outdoor sail race demo in the salt pond near the Wood's Hole draw bridge is at the end of the video Part 02.
I hope it is not the last show. I spent about 5 hours there and could have easily went a complete day if I took in the many scheduled lectures. It was all repeated the next day once again.

Check out my videos posted on this day in YouTube.
Part 01

Part 02

Abridged excerpt from The Woods Hole Historical Museum:
The Woods Hole Historical Museum’s biennial Model Boat Show was held on Patriot’s Day Weekend, April 13-14th, 2019. This was to be the 10th biennial Model Boat Show, a festive and impressive way of marking the end of winter. The Show was started by sailors who love boats, but find April too early to work on a boat in the yard or to go sailing. But the model boats are just right to satisfy a craving for things nautical in the very early spring. These people come to the Show in droves to celebrate the art and craft of boats built on a small scale, and some are lucky enough to be offered a chance to sail one of the radio-controlled boats in Eel Pond.

This is the tenth time the Museum has held this festive event, and it is rumored to be the last of a good run, so if you have been meaning to attend but have never gotten around to it, be sure to come this year.

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