Do you need a plane built?

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Re: Do you need a plane built?

Post by tomapowa »

HitNRun wrote: I'm trying to get it done tonight if possible so Carlos can maiden it this weekend at the field.
It should be quite a fun plane to fly! 8-)
You sure you want to let Carlos maiden that beautiful airplane ??? :D 8-) ;)

Great service btw... wish I had more time to build... I can't even keep up with my own planes! ;)
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Re: Do you need a plane built?

Post by HitNRun »

Hahahahahahahahaha!!! Carlos just needs to keep on flying as much as possible. Sims are great for the basics, but nothing prepares you like the real deal. ;)
He's getting there, I just think he's "dumb thumbing" once the model gets the better of him. Especially with the windy weather we have this time of year.

I got to fly a SIG Four Star 60 with a Super Tigre 60 on it this past Sunday. It was a blast! :D
Addison wants to get me flying warbirds in the worst way hahahahaha!

I've flown dozens of electrics from trainers to jets, and though my skill level is "decent", I DID notice that flying glow planes definitely takes things up a notch. Although according to Addison, he says i'm a natural. My first time ever flying a glow plane, and in fairly strong gusty winds ta boot! I feel I did well. :)

Once I got use to how it flew, it was a piece of cake, and I was flying inverted and doing inverted split-s's by the 3rd flight. Landings were better and better after each flight.

I think i'll be proficient with glow planes by the end of the next flying season. 8-)
Now if only the wife will let me escape to the flying field on thanksgiving morning.......... :mrgreen:
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